Pinterest Party!!

So most of you out there are aware of the latest trend online… PINTEREST. And I’m sure, like me, it’s become an obsession for some of you. I am one of you out there who think that this is the most genius idea… especially for those of us who have thousands of bookmarked web sites for a photo that we probably will never look at again because it’s lost in our mess of URLs. Until now!

I’ve had Pinterest for a few months now and I have 18 pinboards organizing everything from Home Decor, Hair Styles, my favorite art pieces, to holiday decorations, party planning, and even my favorite sayings. This program has organized all of my favorites onto virtual pinboards that I can actually see!! (Which is extra helpful when you’re a visual person.)

I’ve seen a lot of wedding planning on Pinterest (it’s got to be AMAZING for that…), as well as print design favorites, fonts, photography, and many, many more. So I ask you… what do you put on Pinterest? What are your favorite things to pin? What are the names of your pinboards?

I’m in love with this system and I hope it keeps getting better! And if you haven’t yet joined the Pinterest Party… ask me for an invite! Everyone should be in on this fun! 🙂


OPERATION: Decorate the House I’ve Lived in For a Year

I’m sure the title says it all… but to accentuate how badly my house sincerely needs help I’ll add this:  We have 20ft ceilings that have no paint or anything on them; VERY little furniture; 4 bedrooms with nothing on the walls (2 of which we are using for storage); and to top it off, it ECHOS. That’s pretty sad. OR… its a great big BLANK CANVAS!!! 🙂 Which, of course, is how I see it!

So, since I usually decorate a whole house and live in an unfinished bedroom for what feels like forever, I’m switching it up! I’m going after Bryan and I’s bedroom first (half of which is currently a play gym for Abbey), and then focus on the rest of the house. I’ll show you along the way the transformation, but first my inspiration 🙂 Below are some of the photos I’ve been collecting for inspiration for our bedroom.  To see the whole lot of home inspiration, check out my Home is where the Heart is Pinboard on Pinterest. Let me know what you think!

Love the striped chairs... for a vanity chair maybe?



Headboard... maybe make a piece of art similar?

Love the paint... Bathroom would look nice like this

Sitting area

Loving the colors, especially the wall color


Starting now (& including ALL Christmas orders from 2011), EVERY purchase made from IBEGINWITHANIDEA will help eradicate child sex slavery by donating to Streetlight USA, a Phoenix-based organization.

Streetlight USA is doing an amazing job helping provide awareness, safe house aftercare, and prevention for this problem.

Here is some more information directly from their “The Issue” page on their web site. // Please visit their web site for more detailed information.

Phoenix, Arizona is a major tourist town, but what most people don’t realize is that Phoenix has become a magnet city for child prostitution and human trafficking. Human trafficking is often identified as an overseas issue; however, this nightmare exists in our very own backyard.

The average age of entry into child prostitution in Phoenix and the United States is 13 years old.  Up to 300,000 children are at risk in the United States for sexual exploitation according to theNational Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children.

The numbers are alarming, but even more alarming are the tortures these young children endure as they are lied to, lured away, taken, exploited and forced into sex slavery that’s beyond their will.

Often labeled as delinquent juvenile prostitutes, these young children have been forced into a life of torture and abuse they would never choose on their own. With few choices for safe housing, these children are placed in detention facilities and sometimes jail. Once released and with no place to go, these victims tragically return to their pimps for survival.

Nearly 3 years ago a group of individuals began asking a series of “what if” questions: What if Phoenix could become an example to other cities in our nation and around the world of the enormous potential when market place leaders, city leaders, young people, churches, faith based and non-profit organizations work together to eradicate child sex slavery? What if one of our greatest testimonies to society became a unified, loving effort that not only talked about issues of injustice but also helped solve one?

Merry Christmas from the Gold’s!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all! Gearing up for the big day leaves me with little time to do much other than take care of Abbey and paint the crazy amounts of orders from the season!!! SO much fun, unfortunately, I hate that I can’t show them until after the holidays!! I love giving sneak peeks but I can’t spoil these gifts 🙂 Soon enough though!!

Until then, everyone have happy and SAFE holidays. Drink mountains of hot chocolate and egg nog and eat till your bellies are FULL! Here is this year’s photo of Abbey meeting Santa… needless to say… it didn’t go very well this time.

Lots of love!!!!

A Little Rant & A Prickly Plant

My current trend for canvas work has been focused on southwestern nature… i.e. cacti!  I have a fun project I’m working on right now which is still in the beginning stages but I am STOKED to get that one going!!  Here is the latest one I’ve finished of a prickly pear cactus which my awesome mother-in-law snagged already 😉  It’s one of my favorites so I had to share before I gave it to her.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! xoxo

Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to the new web site for ibeginwithanidea! I am so happy to launch this site and get things more organized! I hope it’s super easy to navigate and second nature to use. The gallery is under construction but will be up and running before you know it! The picture above is my favorite photo of Abbey petting Eeyore at Disneyland // I thought it would be a fun photo to share with everyone for the debut 🙂 Hope to see you back here soon; thanks for visiting ibeginwithanidea!! xoxo

Get your craft on! // Christmas Card Wreath DIY

Christmas is here!!  Carols are playing, lights are out, and trees are getting decorated.  I love, love, LOVE Christmas. Black Friday hits and my house is playing nothing but Christmas music until January 15th.  So my mom, sister and I all got together with the kiddos for a super fun CHRISTMAS CRAFT DAY!  (You can imagine my crazy excitement).  We did about 3 or 4 crafts total, making everything from Santa’s house in the North Pole, to yummy delicious colored chocolates, to the kids making glitter snowmen.  We had a blast!  I took photos of one of our crafts, a Christmas Card Wreath, to post a little DIY so you can all try at home… they all turned out so cute!  Hope you give them a try!  🙂  Check out the Pinterest Christmas board for more ideas and DIY for the holidays… Pinterest Christmas Board

The materials I used for these wreaths were popsicle sticks (I painted them different shades of green and brown), garland, ribbon, hot glue, white glue, loose glitter, bells, pipe cleaner, wooden clothespins (I painted them red) and various little fun Christmas decorations.

After painting the popsicle sticks, I arranged and glued them in a layered wreath formation with about 3 or 4 layers to make it relatively strong.

Once the glue on the popsicle sticks dried, I hot glued a ring of garland to the back of the popsicle sticks (I had originally planned on gluing the garland on top but I ended up thinking they were too cute to hide!)

Next I took the painted clothespins and glued glitter to a few of them.  Once the glitter was glued down and dry, I attached the clothespins to the wreath (about 8 of them in different directions) with hot glue.

Then it was time to start putting decorations on the wreath (yay!!)!  The bells I strung onto a pipe cleaner and wound around the popsicle sticks.  Others I glued on top, etc.  This is the fun creative part where you get to put on anything you love and can make festive!  Clearly from the pictures, you know now that I am a fan of glitter… 🙂  Add your own special touch in this part of the craft.  It’s the super fun part!

Finally I string ribbon around the wreath and tie bows to hang it up and clip on some Christmas cards!  This was such a fun activity and SO customizable.  I just love how many different things you can do with it!  So now it’s your turn!  Go crazy and make some amazing funky wreaths!!  And OF COURSE… have amazing and happy holidays 🙂 xoxo